Living Out the CLC Way of Life

Living Out the CLC Way of Life

Living Out the CLC Way of Life



As members of a Young Adult CLC group, each of us strives to:

  • Grow in our own journey of faith.
  • Share facilitation and leadership in our respective groups.
  • Connect with CLC and the Church beyond our small group (local area, parish, diocese, cultural groups, and nation).



We remain rooted in the Ignatian principle of Cura Personalis, or caring for the whole person. Our commitment to continually growing in our own journey of faith is integral to living the CLC way of life. Doing so frees us to better respond to God in our daily lives, particularly in the service of others. Might God invite us to adopt and cultivate some of these habits in the coming months?

As a group, we are invited to…

1. Grow in our journey of faith by:

  • Attending regular meetings with our groups (weekly, bimonthly).
  • Praying regularly: the daily Awareness Examen, quiet reflection, journaling, adoration, Taize, Scripture & spiritual reading.
  • Making retreats once a year and attending days of prayer.
  • Participating weekly in Sunday Worship or Mass.
  • Integrating service into our daily lives.
  • Meeting with a spiritual director.
  • Getting enough sleep and exercise regularly.
  • Striving to live with integrity.


2. Build a stronger community by:

  • Sharing facilitation and planning of meetings in the spirit of CLC and Ignatian spirituality.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of openness and trust that empowers and transforms, helping one another to discover and develop our unique gifts.
  • Exploring opportunities to integrate service into our daily lives, and encouraging a common, ongoing mission as it emerges for the group.
  • Working with a Guide or spiritual mentor to be more attentive to supporting the group’s ongoing growth.
  • Serving together as a group in the parish and diocesan community.


3. Become a person with and for others by:

  • Raising greater awareness of justice issues locally, nationally, & globally.
  • Reaching out to the lonely and forgotten in CLC, the parish, and beyond.
  • Serving the poor and marginalized regularly.
  • Living simply so others may simply live.

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