How to Use This Resource

How to Use This Resource

 Listen to the Spirit … adapt as needed … stay longer where you are drawn …


How to Use This Resource

Pathways is a two-year set of meetings aimed at forming Christian Life Community (CLC) small groups for young adults beyond college or adults who are young at heart. While their content may be most helpful to new groups, they can be adapted to help anyone be guided by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius toward greater life, inner freedom, and a sense of calling.

Below are some suggestions for how to best utilize Pathways.  But as you become more familiar with this resource, please let us know how it can be of greater help in your group’s journey of listening and discerning in the Spirit.


Within Each Meeting…

The meetings are all outlined based on the same basic structure.  An explanation of this organization can be found on “Parts of a Meeting”.


Your Group’s Pathway: Where to Start…

The first two sections (“Creating a Sense of Home”, “Listening & Loving”) are designed for groups new to meeting together and/or new to CLC.  Begin the journey anywhere in the set of meetings based on your group’s needs, and let God be your guide.  We highly recommend using the “Spiritual Autobiography” series early as a way to share your journeys of faith. You are welcome to use the rest of the meetings in the order presented or any other order, but listen to the Holy Spirit on the way.  Follow St Ignatius’ advice: repeat or stay longer with a meeting, theme, or topic as it engages your group and elicits fruitful conversations.


If You’re New to Facilitating…

You may want to review “Facilitating a Meeting”.  It can help guide you in leading discussion and creating space for your group to grow.


Continuing Along the Path: Additional Material…

If you can’t find what your group needs at this time within the Pathways meetings, the “+Resources” page may be of further help to you.  You may also find content on the “Caminos” section of this website that can be adapted for your group.


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