About this Project

About this Project

About the Caminos Project

The Caminos project emerged from the need and request by many students and Campus Ministers from Jesuit universities for more Ignatian resources for juniors and seniors in their CLC programs.  Specifically, the requests were made for meetings that explored the themes of discernment, decision-making, vocation, and transitions for young adults in this stage. A generous grant made the fruition and beginnings of this project possible with continued room for growth and expansion. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback, comments, questions, or ideas!  We would love to hear from you.

Prayers and blessings on the Camino.


About the Caminos Contributors and Editors

Authors, editors, and designers for this project include lay young adults from across the country who love Ignatian spirituality and believe in the transformative nature of utilizing it on the camino. Contributors are alumni of university CLC programs as well as former CLC campus ministers. Currently, some work in ministry, while others are students, teachers, engineers, graphic designers and social workers.  All are still finding their way on the journey…


We need your feedback!

We have just launched www.youngadultclc.org and, while we've put a lot of discernment into this project, we are certain that it can be improved. We are relying on the wisdom of the wider community to make this site better! All feedback will be sent directly to the editors and will not be shared publicly. If you include your email (not required), you will be entered to win an iTunes gift card to thank you for your thoughts.



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