About Pathways

About Pathways

Welcome to Pathways

St Ignatius sees spirituality as a “pathway to God” guided by the Spirit. Following this inspiration, we hope that these meetings will help cultivate a continuous process of growth, conversation, and listening to the Spirit, both personally and in community. Pathways was created for Christian Life Community (CLC), but we offer these resources to any group wanting to follow God through Ignatian spirituality.

While these meetings were developed for new young adult groups in their 20s and 30s, they can be easily adapted to fit the needs of older or existing groups. In CLC, we are an international association of men and women who are drawn by a common desire to follow Christ, to make God’s love visible, and to build a world grounded in justice and compassion. Formed by the Spiritual Exercises and shaped by our General Principles, we strive to integrate the values of community, spirituality and mission in our everyday life.


Below is an outline of the resources included in the Pathways program. Feel free to move within the modules as the Spirit moves you and your group.  Let us know how Pathways can be of greater help in your group’s journey of listening and discerning in the Spirit.

(Coming soon…Thank you for your patience!  The outline will be available shortly.)

We need your feedback!

We have just launched www.youngadultclc.org and, while we've put a lot of discernment into this project, we are certain that it can be improved. We are relying on the wisdom of the wider community to make this site better! All feedback will be sent directly to the editors and will not be shared publicly. If you include your email (not required), you will be entered to win an iTunes gift card to thank you for your thoughts.



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